-« Dans l’espace, je vois l’immensité« , severals artists created a site specific art work for some shop windows, Thionville
-« Mobil home » group show, Centre d’art Faux-Mouvement, Metz
-« Freesbeesong« sound action, about 60 artists had been involved into a sound match on Whatsapp, co-création with the artist Helga Franza (

  • December, 11th 2020 – WINTER TALES : « Racconto Di20 » will be on zoom with Pietro Gagliano, he will present the book during the Script festival. Two artists will be invited to tell us their own artwork story for 20 min each and the virtual public will be welcomed to draw in contemporary at home, and send us their drawing.
  • October-december 2020- #Talking to the Universe, installation at Fondation Cravan, Milan, Italy.
  • October 2020 – Action « A-Round the Nature » with @RossanaCiocca @Artcitylab, at Giardini in via Palestro, Milan
  • October 2020 – Presentation of the book « Racconto Di20« , Concetta Modica’s studio, Walkinstudio Festival, Milan, Italy.
  • June 2020 – Graduation CFPI certificate (Formation center for visual artists working with institutions), HEAR, Strasbourg
  • Aprile 2020- #TalkingtotheUniverse, video and participative work on line during the first Covid lockdown, in collaboration with  @RossanaCiocca, @C41, @FLOS