December, 11th 2020 – « Racconto di 20 » will be online!  Pietro Gagliano will present the book during the Script festival, and two artists will be invited to tell us their own artwork story and you will be all welcome to draw contemporary at home.

October 2020- Talking to the Universe, Fondation Cravan,Walkinstudio Festival, Milan, Italy.

October 2020 – Action « A-Round the Nature », Giardini Pubblici via Palestro, Milan

October 2020 – Presentation of the book « Raccontodi20 », Walkinstudio Festival, Milan, Italy.

June 2020 – Obtention du certificat du CFPI ( centre de formation pour les plasticiens intervenants), HEAR, Strasbourg

Aprile 2020- #TalkingtotheUniverse, video and participative work on line during the Covid lockdown, in collaboration with  @RossanaCiocca, @C41, @FLOS