Disoriental Dreams


Residency and collaboration with the visual artist Chiyoko Miura, about different disorientated art practices and actions in the Milan China town. How to travel nearly not moving.

Residenza insensata, Fondation Arthur Cravan, Milan

One week program:

-TUTORIentAL : Nippon Ginnastica, practice in the courtyard

-TUTORIentAL : Tai chi video, practice in the street

-Action Hiotoko Odori: Anime Anonime, wearing and dancing white animal masks as animist ritual in the urban night

-Origami Gigante Molle

-Salutazione al sole

-Conference of the Korean artist T-Yong talking about Buddism ans art, giapponese dinner and shiatsu evening

-Viaggio Mentale / mental travel with the giapponese yoga Master Emiko